At Projects Assured we are focused on attracting and retaining the best talent in the market and are always proactively recruiting.

Canberra’s best talent

At Projects Assured we are focused on attracting and retaining the best talent in the market and are always proactively recruiting.

To make sure we attract and retain the best talent, we understand the importance of rewarding people accordingly.

We happily pay the best in the market for the best people.

Our investment also extends beyond salaries, and we work to understand everyone’s personal and professional plans, and support them to make sure they’re met.


The importance of recognition

Recognition is a core theme at Projects Assured.

Our monthly full company meetings provide a regular venue for us to recognise the outstanding work of our teams and talented individuals. We also utilise Account and Practice meetings to celebrate the achievements of our high-performing teams and team members.

One of our most popular initiatives is the ‘Applause Awards’. Each month, every team member is given the opportunity to recognise a colleague for the contribution they’ve made. It’s a great way to recognise the ‘1 percenters’ – the little things people do everyday that make Projects Assured Canberra’s best place to work.

Rewarding Experiences

Our team works on rewarding, high-impact and challenging projects.


Whether it’s launching an international airport, improving access to life saving medication or helping to change the way government does business, we’re proud to deliver projects that make a real difference. In striving to realise our vision of being Canberra's premier management consultancy were are committed to winning challenging and rewarding work.

We always seek to place our staff on sites as teams who support each other as we deliver premier outcomes for our clients. While our account teams may be as small as two or as large as 20, you will always have leadership, advice and support available from your Projects Assured colleagues.

You will also be supported by a broader team when you become a member of one of Projects Assured’s four consulting practices when you join the company. Our practices promote knowledge, learning and professional development and manage our capabilities, intellectual property and service offerings.

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To attract and retain the best consulting talent in Canberra, we know it is vital to invest in creative, innovative strategies that engage staff and truly set us apart within the Canberra market.

We have a dedicated, staff-driven Social Committee that oversees the strategy and planning of regular social events.

We enjoy a diverse calendar of social events that have ranged from mountain biking to lawn bowls, whiskey tasting, theatre and trivia nights – designed to provide varied opportunities for staff to enjoy themselves.

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Projects Assured is a proudly Canberra-focused company and giving back to the Canberra community is part of who we are.

We take our social responsibility seriously and have a dedicated Community Working Group that guides our voluntary charity and community involvement.

The Community Working Group gives our staff a platform to drive support for causes that are close to their hearts and make a real difference.

We support a range of local charity and community initiatives each year, with a focus on creating meaningful opportunities to assist practically rather than solely raising funds.

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