Our vision is to be Canberra’s premier management consultancy and Canberra’s best place to work. Our mission is to support and nurture our staff, win the best work and deliver superior quality.

We’re invested in your career journey

Projects Assured is proud to have employees with a range of experience levels, a variety of specialised skill-sets and professional passions.

While we apply equal and consistent standards, our focus is to ensure all staff are engaged and we recognise that engagement needs will vary.

We ensure training and development opportunities are available across a range of formats and channels to suit the learning needs of each employee. This includes online training, face-to-face mentoring and coaching sessions, offsite learning, access to self-paced certification courses and exams, peer learning and on-the-job training with client teams.


Work with us

Our team works on rewarding, high-impact and challenging projects. Whether it’s launching an international airport, improving access to lifesaving medication or helping to change the way government does business, we’re proud to deliver projects that make a real difference to our customers.

Work we do

We have an excellent reputation for solving our clients’ most challenging business problems. Our expert management consultants can bring clarity to complexity and help you implement successful strategies to address critical business challenges.

Professional development

At Projects Assured, our employees are in the driver’s seat of their careers. All our employees develop a ‘Professional Development Plan’ as part of their on-boarding journey.

The Professional Development Plan sets out personal and professional goals over the next 1, 3 and 5 years and identifies the training, client opportunities and support required to achieve those goals. Employees meet regularly with a member of the Leadership Team to review progress.

Projects Assured has a generous Professional Development Policy which allows for financial support, time, provision of mentoring, learning materials, exam leave, access to conferences and professional memberships and other support to make it easier for our staff to balance their learning with client commitments.


Be part of a team

At Projects Assured we realise the importance of being part of a team. Before placing an individual within a client engagement, we assess not only the skills and technical expertise required for the engagement, but also evaluate how the group of individuals will work together as a team.

Projects Assured strongly believes that culture comes first in every hiring decision. Whilst experience and exceptional technical skills are highly valued, it is more important to us that our staff embody our values of equality, merit, transparency and accountability, conscience and personal value.

Our philosophy when assessing culture fit draws on the principle of matching “the right athlete to the right race.” There are many skills, attributes and personalities that are valuable to Projects Assured – the key to success is matching each individual to a client engagement and team environment that fits them well.

Be part of a professional community

Projects Assured’s four consulting practices promote knowledge, learning and professional development and manage our capabilities, intellectual property and service offerings:

Management Advisory Services

Management Advisory Services

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Capability Management Services

Capability Management Services

All consulting staff are assigned to a practice, with practice membership providing opportunities for knowledge sharing, support, mentorship and professional development.

Practice membership does not confine an individual to working solely within their practice. Rather, staff are encouraged to attend any practice meetings and to work in roles that draw on expertise nurtured across multiple practice areas.

Each practice conducts bi-monthly meetings and facilitates the sharing, learning and development activities.


IIBA Corporate Member

Projects Assured is a Gold Corporate Member of the International Institute of Business Analysis.

IIBA Corporate Member

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