Our Capability Management Services involve the provision of specialist advice and delivery assistance in the planning, definition, acquisition and implementation of capabilities to achieve a client’s organisational objectives.

Our consultants include highly talented program and project management specialists with specific skills in engineering and supply chain management, risk management, business and cost analysis and strategic advice. We provide our expertise and advise organisations on integrating existing business practices with strategic direction.

Expert support across the Capability Lifecycle

Projects Assured provides Capability Management Services across each stage of a capability life cycle, involving the identification and definition of capability needs, risk mitigation and requirements setting, through to project definition and decision to proceed to procurement/acquisition. Our Capability Management Services also cover activities through the project/program acquisition, delivery, and in-service stages, including procurement, implementation, sustainment, operations, and disposal.

Capability Lifecycle Capability Lifecycle

Our experienced team are highly proficient developing the full suite of capability development documentation and artefacts including (but not limited to):

  • Capability Needs Statements;
  • Operational Concept Documents;
  • Systems Engineering Management Plans;
  • Threshold Level Requirements;
  • Functional Performance Specifications;
  • Solicitation and Source Selection Documents;
  • Test and Evaluation Concept and Master Plan Documents;
  • Logistic Support Concept;
  • Integrated Logistics Support Plans;
  • Master Schedules;
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis;
  • Workforce Analysis;
  • Training Needs Analysis;
  • Business Cases;
  • Submissions to Government (Cabinet and Ministerial Submissions); and
  • Program and Project Execution Strategies and Plans.

Fundamental Inputs to Capability

Our Capability Management Consultants are well-versed in what is necessary to field an effective capability and the ability to analyse and apply the nine Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC) as follows:

  • Organisation - we bring a high-degree of relevant organisational awareness to ensure that a capability is employed within flexible functional groupings with an appropriate balance of competency, structure, and command and control to meet the endorsed capability requirements stemming from the original need;
  • Command and Management - we have a deep understanding of functional relationships and management structures across the entire Australian Defence Organisation. This includes effective command and management arrangements at all levels to safely and effectively employ the capability, including its integration across the organisation;
  • Personnel - we deliver insights based on real-world workforce planning drivers relevant to the delivery, operation, sustainment and disposal of the capability;
  • Collective Training - we have a strong grasp of the training requirements necessary to ensure that a capability is supported by a defined collective training regime to a validated performance level against the organisation’s planning requirements and based on the original need;
  • Major Systems - we bring considerable experience with significant platforms, fleets of equipment and operating systems that enable the effective generation of organisational capabilities;
  • Facilities - we are conscious of the Australian-centric and global influences affecting infrastructure requirements necessary to support the delivery, sustainment and operation of a capability system;
  • Supplies - a profound understanding of global supply-chain drivers, this includes managing all classes of supply to maintain a capability at the designated readiness state, including sustainment funding and fleet management;
  • Support - includes engineering support; maintenance support; supply support; training support; packaging handling, storage and transportation; facilities; support and test equipment; personnel; technical data and computer support; and
  • Industry - includes the consideration of the resilience and capacity of industry, such as the reliability and health of supply chains.

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Management Advisory Services

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Capability Management Services

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