Enterprise Architecture and Technology

Projects Assured provides specialist technical advice regarding the architecture, design, implementation, support and maintenance of enterprise-scale ICT systems. Our people are technical experts across all aspects of ICT and are highly skilled and experienced in providing strategic advice in complex ICT environments.

Security architecture & policy

Our cyber security experts combine deep public sector experience with strong technical proficiency to offer industry-leading consulting services in network, system and information security. 

We advise on all elements of governance, risk management and compliance, and have specialist expertise in the Information Security Manual (ISM) and Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF). 

We can assist with security architecture planning, requirements development, design and research, implementation, and review and evaluation. 

Enterprise Architecture

Our highly skilled Enterprise Architects help our clients to form whole-of-agency views of their complex business and ICT resources to assist with development of successful business plans and strategies.

We are experienced in navigating the complexities of modern ICT environments, in which sharing, integration and dependencies occur at every level of the ICT stack. Our approach consistently improves the on-time, on-budget and on-benefit delivery of ICT projects and services. 

Solution Architecture

Our Solution Architects have a track record of successfully delivering to federal government, from highly specialised and time critical technical projects to large-scale solution architecture. 

We are skilled at translating business requirements, technology solutions and enterprise architecture into deliverable projects. We have specialist expertise in cloud computing and user-centred design. 

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