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Projects Assured
Projects Assured

In late 2022, our Management Team set off to Sydney for a strategic planning offsite. As part of their trip interstate, we challenged them to design a new company mural. 

The brief was to create an artwork that brings together the many wonderful aspects of the business and reflects what our staff experience at Projects Assured.

Introducing, ‘BALANCE’. 

What does balance mean to us at Projects Assured?

Our ‘3 buckets’ philosophy is the foundation to achieving balance in our workplace: 

WORK - Our employees are engaged in challenging and meaningful work and provided with the opportunity and support to develop professionally.

LIVE - Working at Projects Assured does not get in the way of life. We are committed to supporting our people in achieving their personal goals.

REWARD - Our employees are recognised for their efforts and achievements, professionally and personally, and are a valued part of our team.

We recognise that ‘balance’ means something different to every employee. We also know that our commitment to helping our people have their buckets in balance has resulted in having a happy and engaged workforce, which is then reflected in the high quality of our consulting services to our clients. Our job as an employer is to provide flexibility and support for our people so they feel free to make the right choice, at the right time, to maintain their buckets.

For some people their WORK bucket is filled easily in a 28-hour part time arrangement to accommodate for their busy family schedule and give them the opportunity to fill their LIVE bucket.  

For others, there is much more in their WORK bucket, as they are striving for their professional goals, upskilling, and looking for opportunities to progress. Their LIVE bucket is filled easily with downtime in the evening or coffee with a friend on the weekend. 

At Projects Assured, we are proud of our people’s achievements and their personal goals and effort deserved to be celebrated, recognised, and rewarded.

Our new mural is a wonderful reminder of all of this. Everyone at PA is on their own path to success and we are honoured to be here to support them through their ‘balance’ journey!

Projects Assured
Projects Assured

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