Project 66

Jeff Squire
Jeff Squire

Science says - on average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.

Projects Assured’s ‘Project 66’ was a company-wide initiative to encourage and support all staff to make a positive change in their lives between August and December 2019.  Project 66 challenged PA’s people to give some focus to their ‘Live Bucket’ as they strive, and are supported, to keep balance across PA’s Work, Live, Reward ethos.

Large or small, public or private, starting to do something new that is good for you, or stopping something that is bad for you 66 times is all it took to be a Project 66 ‘finisher’.

Structured around ‘Let’s Get Physical’, ‘Mind Matters’ and ‘Habit Swap’ themes, Project 66 provided options that were accessible for all staff, with the aim to have as many participate as possible.

Yoga, Pilates, HIIT workouts, Meditation, alcohol or sugar stop all the way to swapping a long-black for a regular flat-white, or anything else healthy, were all on the Project 66 menu, with support from the company available to help everyone meet their goal.

Project 66 officially kicked off officially on 3 September at a Company Meeting.  Kombucha, vegetables with dips and healthy trial meals from Food4Fitness were the order of the day as staff confirmed their commitments by signing pledge posters that remained on show throughout.   Kettle Bells and Pilates matts were collected and plans made to attend group activities. ‘Pilates at PA’ was a winner and will remain a weekly event going forward.

If the theory holds true, many of us finished Project 66 with a healthy habit that will make our lives better – now, and hopefully forever. 

PA’s Project 66 – proving that not all habits are bad…..




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