Why the #AttackLife ethos is core to PA

Abbey Lodder
Abbey Lodder

In 2017, we launched the “100 Day ‘Attack Life’ Challenge” which was a company-wide initiative aimed at engaging staff, strengthening team relationships and having fun trying something new together. The spirit of the challenge was to ‘attack life’ – recognition that we should make the most of what life has to offer, push boundaries and have fun while we have opportunities to do so.

We set up team activities for our staff to try over 100 days across the categories of Healthy (boot camp, gymnastics, rock-climbing, salsa dancing), Wealthy (financial seminars) and Wise (cooking and language lessons).

Many individuals overcame a fear (e.g. fear of heights conquered by rock-climbing and abseiling), achieved a personal goal (e.g. doing a handstand for the first time at age 40) or tried a new activity (e.g. salsa dancing).

Over two thirds of staff participated in the 100 Day Challenge.

The 100 Day Challenge strengthened our positive culture and reinforced the importance of bringing our team together outside work for meaningful engagement with the company.

The theme of ‘Attack Life’ continues to inspire us, reminding our team to dream big, seize opportunities and give our all in our professional and personal lives.

View the video of our 100 Day Challenge here.

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